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Hubris is a platformer where you play as Hubris, a character whose memory is blank, and he is being hunted by something wandering the woods. Find the collectables to unlock memory-segments, and learn a bit of Hubris' backstory prior to the game!

Hubris was a project made by five first-year students at Hedmark University College of Applied Sciences, Norway.

This was a group project we made as part of our evaluation in programming and art for our first year. The task was pretty much to make a demo or prototype to show these off.

This is also pretty much the first actual game of this kind at least a few of us have ever made, and thus there will be a bug or two, but overall it will be playable.

Install instructions

Unzip everything, maybe read the txt-file, and then run via executable-file (exe).


Hubris.zip 130 MB


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Hello! I really liked your game, it had a neat little story to it and the design of the memories were really well done. I had a few little bugs here and there but nothing too extravagant, so for your first game this was very well done! I made a let' s play of it here~

Had a problem with the zip, but have re-uploaded a new one now that should work.